Marine Surveying

We are amongst the only few Surveying organizations possessing experience of over three decades augmented by the most advanced analysis techniques to support our technical consultancy services in all major areas of Marine Surveying and Inspection Services. We have been providing Surveying services on all major Ports of the Country.

All Marine Surveying Assignments are supervised under the direct Supervision of our ACII qualified Master Mariner having extensive experience in the field backed by a team of Licensed Marine Surveyors (ASOs) and experienced Coordinators.

Our Surveyors can conduct Surveys not only within Pakistan but also in Afghan and other Tribal regions due to their absolute knowledge of the area and the ability to speak Pashto. We can also conduct Surveys in Kabul, Kandahar and Waziristan areas where other Surveyors would not even think of.

  • On and off-hire of vessels
  • Pre-purchase surveys
  • Hull and machinery inspection
  • Inspection of validity of certificates and cargo gear
  • Condition of holds and tanks
  • Determination of bunkers and stores

  • Inspection of containers prior to stuffing and de-stuffing
  • On and off hire in accordance with IICL or ISO Standards
  • Record, tally and condition of cargoes during stuffing and de-stuffing
  • Inspection of damaged containers and supervision of repairs and post-repairs
  • Inspection during loading and discharge of containers from vessel

  • Loading and discharge supervision
  • Supervision of weighing
  • Draught survey and tank gauging Storage management and stock control
  • Damage surveys
  • Supervision of loading and unloading