Code of Conduct

Every Inspector / Loss Adjuster / Surveyor shall:

  1. Behave ethically and with integrity in the professional pursuits. Integrity implies not merely honesty but fair dealings and truthfulness.
  2. Strive for objectivity in professional and business judgment.
  3. Act impartially, when acting on instructions from an insurer in relation to a policy holder’s claim under a policy issued by that insurer.
  4. Conduct himself with courtesy and consideration to all people with whom he comes into contact during the course of his work.
  5. Carry out his professional work with due diligence, care and skill and with proper regard to technical and professional standards expected of him.
  6. Keep himself updated with all developments relevant to his professional practice and at all times maintains proper record for work done by him and complies with all relevant laws.
  7. Maintain a register of survey work, containing the relevant information, supplemented by important records of the survey reports, photographs and other important documents for a period of at least three years and furnish the same and such other specified returns, as and when called for by the Authority or by any investigating authority or the insurer.
  8. Not disclose any information, pertaining to a client or employer acquired in the course of his professional work, to any third party, except, where consent has been obtained from the interested party, or where there is a legal right to disclose.
  9. Neither use nor appear to use, any confidential information acquired or received by him in the course of his professional work, to his personal advantage or for the advantage of a third party.