Building Surveying

The role of the Valuer has been identified as crucial in determining the market value of the property and enhancing property transactions. However, the Valuer will only look at the general state and location of the property and do not carry out a detailed building survey. Most buildings have something wrong with them. Usually this is something fairly minor, which if identified can be remedied at low cost. If these minor defects are left, however, they can develop into much more serious problems.

Buying a House is a decision some people make only once in their lifetime. Therefore, hiring your own surveyor, engineer or architect to carry out a detailed survey of the building is strongly recommended, especially if you are buying an older property. This will help highlight any issues that you may not have been aware of. For example, if you purchase the house and discovered that the doors and wooden panels needed to be completely replaced, you could have changed your offer or decided not to buy at all if you had known it earlier.

A Building Survey for surely would have picked up the fault and let you have all information about the characteristics of the house.

Our team of expert engineers and surveyors carry out hundreds of surveying assignment each year. Upon receiving instruction from the client, our surveyors thoroughly check the property looking at almost everything that is visible or accessible to examine the soundness of the building, its general condition / features and all major or minor faults.

Hence, our clients can be absolutely certain that all Surveying assignments receive the highest level of attention ensuring that Clients’ confidence is never compromised.