Textiles & Textile Products

Our Textile Inspection and QC Team consists of Professionals having variety of Quality Control experience in Textile Sectors to evaluate your products and conduct Pre-shipment Textile and apparel Inspections. We use proven and globally accepted inspection methods including 4 Point System (ASTM D5430), Accepted Quality Level or AQL (ISO 2859-5), Clock-wise Inspection etc. Moreover, we also use certain other methods as instructed by Clients for Textiles and Textile products. Our Textile and apparel Inspection services help you identify varying levels of defects in your product including:

Critical Defects – hazardous or unsafe conditions including sharp points or edges, stray needles left in the garment, loose studs or missing labels

Minor Defects – unlikely to reduce product usability, includes items such as loose threads etc.

We also conduct the following during textile and apparel inspections:

Fabric Check – assesses weight (sweaters), print quality, defects, hand feel to standards

Garment Labeling – ensure label contains required information including registered identification number (RN), country of origin, fabric content / care and proper label positioning

Workmanship Assessment – evaluates stitching, construction, embellishments, shading within a garment, pattern continuity etc.