Marine Claims

Ever-since the inception of transit Trade of Afghanistan, we conduct surveys as well as assessment and adjustments of claims of Marine Inland Transit Cargoes at various locations within Pakistan and Afghanistan. We also carry out independent inquiries for theft of Marine cargoes at various locations with our own different sources of information regarding the authenticity or otherwise of the insurance claims with complete success under direct supervision of our Licensed and ACII (UK) Qualified Surveyors. We handle Claims under all Marine Insurance Policies including the followings:

  • Marine Hull and Cargo Loss Assessment and Claims Adjusting
  • Marine Oil Tankers Loss Assessment and Claims Adjusting
  • Inquiries and Investigation of Theft of Marine Cargoes
  • Afghan Transit Losses of Commercial Cargo and Oil related Losses
  • Consultation Services on Underwriting Marine Ventures
  • Inquiries and Investigation involving extensive coordination with government departments of Fraudulent Claims of Insurance