Agriculture & Food Products

Our Inspectors and Quality Controllers have years of experience in inspecting and measuring cargo quantity and quality. Besides conducting Agricultural and Food Inspection Services at the loading and discharge ports, our Inspectors and Surveyors also provide Inspection and Sampling services in Suppliers’ Warehouses. Being equipped with modern technology coupled with years of experience, we work with major Exporters, Importers, International Traders and Buyers dealing in Food Products.

We provide Agricultural and Food Inspection Services to our clients located across the globe including India, Srilanka, Turkey among others.

Although Inspection methods vary from case to case depending upon the type of product and instruction from Clients, Our Agricultural and Food Product Inspection normally involves:

  • Check details of Commodities, Specification, Weight, Packing, Quantity etc.
  • Gross and Net weight of packaged Product is checked
  • Product Quality is checked before and during loading
  • Cargo is checked for worms, insects, foreign matter
  • Digital Photos are taken during the course of inspection